Our winter leggings are lined with fleeced which make them super warm and equiped with shapewear technology which makes them super slimming and flattering. They can withstand temperatures of up to -30 degrees celcuis and are available in solid black and grey.


We aim to provide the best quality compression socks in the industry. Our compression socks are 15-20 mmhg and is suitable for healthcare workers, athletes, diabetics and persons traveling for extended periods. Jadah Skai Compression socks are also great for improving blood circulation, reducing swelling and improving arch support.

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Jadah Skai Apparel is a Health and Awareness brand that is designed with the customers' health and comfort in mind. Founded by a health care worker, Jadah Skai Apparel focusses on making sure its customers are provided with the best quality products to enhance their comfort, health, confidence`and beauty.